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  • Heartland Didgeridoo ~ "Fibres of Being"

    B703 ~ “Fibres of Being”

    Tight knitted wood grain, straight and strong, clear and vocal, tapering open hole, this is one class didgeridoo  that is also fitted with a finely crafted timber mouthpiece.
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  • Heart;land Didgeridoo ~ Centred in Nature

    B772 ~ “Centred in Nature”

    Flowing ochre coloured art, flowing story rich bark patterns~ this didg beckons one into a deeper level of connection to oneself and the natural. The tapered shame alludes to its ease of playing and the more than generous, sound quality if offers. Beautiful didgeridoo!!!!!
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  • Heartland Didgeridoo ~ Shields

    B822 ~ “Shields

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  • Heartland Didgeridoo ~ "Ezone"

    B826 ~ “Ezone”

    A powerful punchy E with backpressure laid on. Great for a beginner learning circular breathing or an advanced player wanting to finetune traditional rhythms on a didgeridoo that is responsive to the max. Beautiful wood grain features, a  nice touch of art at the top, a perfect mouthpiece.
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  • Heartland Didgeridoo ~ "Open Hand Open Heart"

    B903 ~ “Open Hand Open Heart”

    Tapering, tapering, opening opening, completing with a wide Open hand like end, and being key of f related to heart chakra, well it speaks volumes and yes speaks  volumes from the heart. A powerfully bright player with a lovely basey bottom end for a high pitch didgeridoo. Just beautiful to look at play or hear.
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