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Good news, Tynon. I am now in receipt of the most beautiful didg I’ve ever seen! Your photos did not do it justice. The wood grain, finish and embellishments are fantastic. I can’t find the words to describe how wonderful I feel about this;an instant connection. The didg has a wonderful drone. I’m really looking forward to mastering it. The bag and clapsticks are also beyond my expectations. Great handwork on the bag, and the grain and finish on the clapsticks is amazing. I attached a couple of pictures of me and my didg in the yard. And yes, I am up to my knees in snow!

Thank you so much for your patience and attentive service. My dream vacation is to drive down the east coast of Australia. If I ever make it down there, I’ll definitely stop by your shop and say hello. Cheers  Dave

15-2-2013 David Hague , Alberta Canada

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